27 Oct Thus, for the user, all they did was fill out a leave pass. From my side, I can update a calendar, generate a leave pass and update a worksheet. ADDRESS WHILE ON LEAVE – ADRESSE DURANT LE CONGÉ. TELEPHONE CF MEDICAL AND DENTAL INSTRUCTIONS. (Present this form to a. LEAVE REQUEST/AUTHORIZATION. NAVCOMPT FORM APPROVAL OF THIS LEAVE IS. NOT VALID WITHOUT Meal Pass No. Entitled to EDF meals.

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Your signature is required here and the date on which you signed this document: In normal circumstances, members should be granted at least two or three weeks annual leave during the cf leave pass period. The personal administration element is intended to permit members to attend to administrative needs in preparation for or on completion of a compulsory relocation. There pasd no limit to the number of different reasons for which a member may be granted compassionate leave.

Rehabilitation Leave Benefit Application Rehabilitation Leave Applies only to members who were serving on 31 March who do not elect severance pay at the time of lleave or transfer from the CF. Effective 1 Novemberannual leave shall be reduced at the following rates, for each complete calendar month of non-paid service granted or imposed in a fiscal year: If your weekend leave is taking you to a place where you reasonably would not be able to return to your unit if ordered in a reasonable amount of time: Therefore, the member and the releasing unit shall ensure that accumulated leave commences at a date early enough to allow for the granting of all accumulated leave before the authorized release date.

You will be paid bi-monthly on the 15th and the last day of each month. The Formation Commander, or the the OCC where there is no Formation Commander in the member’s chain of command, may approve up to 14 peave calendar days, inclusive of any Special Leave Community Affairs already granted by the CO. They’d call the local watering holes on the weekend and have them announce that troops were to return home. Ensure boxes and bags that you wish to be stored are labelled clearly with your full name.

Leave Policy Manual | DND CAF

When working on a compressed schedule, time off must be earned in order to be taken i. Effective 28 Maythe date of re-enrolment in or transfer to the Apss Force no longer has to be within one year of the release or transfer from the Regular Force in order to count member’s last period of Regular Force service.

Where an authority is specifically identified in the CFLPM, there can be no delegation of authority to subordinate officers otherwise specified. Medical Officer or civilian medical doctor designated by the senior medical officer of the base.


Member proceeding on a restricted posting within Canada or the continental Cv100. Imperative military requirements mean a situation or circumstance that precludes a CF member from taking leave or permits a CO to recall a member from leave.


Trillian provides capabilities not possible your folders as a collection of boards spread on your screen, allowing you to easily vf transfers, group chats, buzzing, tabbed chats, tablet-based drawing, message history, plugins, avatars, cf leave pass simultaneous connections to the same network, from several folders at the same time.

That is not the book answer. These extensions form part of the period of service; in the case of annuitants, they must not cause the period of service to exceed the limitations on the total number of days that may be performed in any day period of Res F service, while continuing cf leave pass receive an annuity; or if the member is immediately proceeding to a period of service at a different unit, with no break in service, and the cf leave pass CO concurs, carry over all or part of the unused leave to the gaining unit.

Submit a new text post. Effective 1 April a member of the Regular Force who was serving on 31 March became entitled to annual leave of 25 working days cf leave pass 1 April Except in the case of short leave, leave begins at hours on the commencement date and ends at hours on the last day of leave. Member who proceeded on a restricted posting within Canada or the continental US, who has the restriction lifted see Notes 1 and 2.

The applicant’s signature is required here: Fuck my last unit’s OR.

In extreme circumstances, travel on leave may be prohibited by the CO based on the advice received from a variety of sources including: Working day means a day of paid cf leave pass on which an officer or non-commissioned member is regularly scheduled to perform duty.

I’m looking for the official answer. The approval authority cannot be delegated. A member who is released or transferred from the Regular Force df100 circumstances other than those described in the elections and completion of a fixed period of service above shall take retirement leave, if applicable, to end on the authorized release or transfer date.

Want to add to the discussion? Chapter 1 — Definitions 1. As pregnancy is a normal biological condition and deemed neither an illness nor injury, sick leave will not normally be authorized for maternity purposes. If for personal reasons, such as the mode of transportation chosen, more time is required, annual leave must be taken in conjunction with the five days special leave. It is the policy of the CF to provide defensive security briefings and debriefings to CF personnel prior to and after travel, or contact with foreign nationals, as applicable.


A member on LWOP is subject to recall to duty at any time. Special Leave in lieu of Mission Leave applies to members of the CF deployed on international operations who have served for at least 30 continuous days in the AO. Whatever the geographical boundaries for your area posting are. A member may request at any time a payment in lieu of leave accumulated since 1 April A member who was serving on or after 1 February and elects the new retirement provisions, and to whom completion of a fixed period of service does not apply, shall take retirement leave to end on the compulsory release age CRA date or, if applicable, receive payment in lieu of retirement leave.

When a period of service is about to end and unused annual leave remains, the following options are available to the member, subject to approval by the losing CO:. CFAORelease Regular Force specifies the conditions governing release or transfer from the Regular Force and the effects retirement leave will have on the determination of a member’s date of release.

Special Leave Mission applies to members of the CF deployed on international operations who serve for at least 30 continuous days in the Area of Operations AO. In which subject field? In extraordinary circumstances, when there is proof of significant personal or financial hardship, requests to cash out accrued leave outside of a national cash out program may be submitted through the chain of command for consideration and approval by the CDS.

Effective 1 April the automatic accumulation of unused annual leave not taken in a fiscal year ceased to be an entitlement. Important It is important that you follow these instructions in order to have an easier transition into the military.

Leave Policy Manual

Eh, he said that the order sayings that you can’t leave said area without a leave pass would be in the Base Standing Orders. In all cases, the converted amount is rounded to the nearest whole number.

Payments in lieu of accumulated leave are not subject to deductions for contributions under the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act. Preface Date of issue: When it is in the interests of the CF, LWOP may be granted to Regular Force members to pursue academic, technical or subsidized training; or personal reasons.

The approving authority, as applicable, is responsible for payments under their authority and will absorb associated expenditures. Special Leave Relocation has the following four elements: When a member is hospitalized or requires dental treatment while on retirement leave, detailed instructions are provided in Chapter 10 — Regular Force Retirement Leave.