The Coralife Digital Power Center Timer has 4 timer-controlled outlets and 4 constant power outlets. The Coralife Digital User Manual (pdf file in new window). Description; Features; Manuals, Etc. Send to friend; Reviews The Coralife Dual Analog Power Center is a hour timer ideal for all lighting systems that make. Note: Use Digital Power Center for Metal Halide fixtures greater than W to prevent timer “memory loss” due to overheating. Instructions: Push up timer-tabs .

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Designed for indoor use only. Beyond 60 days, please contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement as covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Very Good Average Fair Poor. Battery will activate Display screen and start clock automatically. Bypass the timer by using coralife power center manual manual control switch. DAY button to set the day of the week. Continue around the timer dial in the sequential order verifying that all the tabs in the actinic cycle are in the down position until reaching the end of the cycle where the Actinic Blue outlets will be turned off.

Coralife Day/Night Power Center With Timer

Plug two water pumps into Actinic Blue blue outlets and two water pumps into the Lunar Light black outlets. Developed by J and K Online.

To activate the blue outlets continuously, turn the switch coralife power center manual the blue-on position. Push up every other coralife power center manual tab to the “UP” position to alternate power between the Actinic Blue outlets and the Lunar Light outlets.

The Power Center can control two sets of water pumps using the alternating timer total of four outlets at 15 minute intervals min. Yellow daytime outlets OFF. Send to friend Reviews. Some of the timers being sent to us by Coralife are the New Style with rotating outlet covers and some the Old Style with the sliding outlet covers.


Both outlets cannot be on at the same time i. Continue pushing the tabs up until reaching the starting time of the day-shift cycle.

This wave-maker application creates a natural rhythm in your aquarium that replicates ocean tidal movements. Automate coralife power center manual equipment to save time, effort, and money.

Sliding safety covers, 3 ft power cord with grounded plug. Continue pushing the tabs up until reaching the starting time of the actinic cycle. The constant power outlet controls one more outlet. Coralife Power Center Item: E-mail of your friend. Visit our other sites.

Great for switching water pumps to create alternating water currents. Turn the manual control switch to the timer-on position. Anti-bot validation Cofalife ensure that a person, not an automated program, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture. Description Features Manuals, Etc.

Join our social networks. Set the current time of day by turning the timer-dial clockwise until the correct time faces the arrowhead. Push up the timer coralife power center manual at the end of the desired actinic cycle to turn on the Lunar Light outlets.

Aquarium Light Timers: Coralife Power Center

They are essentially the same timer with the same part number. Cwnter timer-tab represents a minute interval. To set the time for when the Actinic Blue outlets actinic cycle will turn on, the coralife power center manual tabs must be in the down position at the desired starting time.


When Yellow daytime outlets are on, the Blue nighttime outlets are off. To set the timer for when the K Daylight manuak day-shift cycle will turn on, the timer tabs must be in the down position at the desired starting time.

When settings are complete, press CLK button to exit coralife power center manual setting program and return to clock display. Programmed Time cycle s timer settings activated. BoxRhinelander, Wisconsin Yellow coralife power center manual outlets are ON. To set time cycle, repeat cented setting Steps Slide out Safety Cover before using unit. Yellow daytime and Blue nighttime outlets alternate power. Return of electrical equipment to LiveAquaria for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase.

My account Sign in Create account. Continue pushing the timer-tabs up until you reach the time of day that you want powef daytime lights turned off. Contact Us Help Welcome Guest! Would you like to submit a testimonial? Push up the timer tabs at the end of the desired day-shift cycle to turn off the K Daylight outlets. Device must manal properly connected to manjal grounded three-prong receptacle.

If installed in a wet or damp area, this device coralife power center manual be plugged into a receptacle controlled by a GFI ground fault interrupter circuit breaker. Multi-system aquarium timer and power strip in one convenient unit. Set the times that you want the yellow and blue outlets to turn on and off by using the timer-tabs.