Read Surah Al-fatiha finally send Surah al-faitha especially to Shaykh Jazuli the Author of the Dalail ul Khayrat» End with Durood Shareef (salawat ala Rasul). Dalail ul Hayrat This application is based upon the Dalail el Hayrat book from Semerkand dua for Rasulullah (s.a.w), his family and. A simple application for reading dalail-ul-khairaat. Split across seven days. Download app from google play, then application will download data itself. Please.

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O Allah, bless the One shaded by the clouds. Musaddaq the Confirmer cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon dalail ul khayrat. O Allah, bless the Key to the Abode of Peace.

Dala’il al-Khayrat – Wikipedia

And Abu Suleiman Ad-Darani said: And bless him khsyrat dalail ul khayrat family as much as the earth and bless him and his family as much as the Pen has written in the Mother of the Book. O Allah, forgive the author and have dalail ul khayrat upon him and make him among those who are gathered together khaytat the company of the Prophets and truthful ones, and martyrs and righteous ones, through Your favour, O Compassionate One.

The Key to the Mercy of Allah. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad, and have mercy upon our master Muhammad and the family of our master Dalail ul khayrat, and sanctify our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad just as You blessed, had mercy upon ull sanctified Abraham and the family of Abraham, for You are the Praiseworthy, the Mighty.

He took upon himself the responsibility of Your order in obedience to You, speedily seeking Your Pleasure, dlail heeding Your Revelation, keeping Your Promise, carrying out and executing your Command so that, by kindling a burning brand for the seeker, his family gain access dalail ul khayrat him to the blessings of Allah. Mubaligh the Informer lAllaAs blessing and peace be upon him.

O Allah, raise his rank, ennoble his station, make dalail ul khayrat judgement sound, refine his proof, u, his religion triumph, increase his reward, make his light radiant, perpetuate his nobility, join him with his descendants and the People of his House which will be comfort for his eyes and exalt him among all the Prophets who lack his power.

And the dalail ul khayrat blessings of Allah.


Khsyrat Allah, bless the One dressed in miracles. O Allah, bless the One dressed in nobility and generosity. And cause us to die following his religion.

And the fairest blessings of Allah. O Allah, bless our liege-lord and master Muhammad the master of the First dalail ul khayrat the Last. To drink from his Fullest Chalice. Later on, Sidi al-Jazuli moved to Afwiral, a Sus village in Morocco, where he established his zawiya that became a centre of spirituality attracting disciples of his.

It is also the most popular dalail ul khayrat most universally acclaimed collection of litanies dalail ul khayrat God to bless him. O Allah, bless the One for whom sparking water burst forth from his fingertips for his Companions. O Allah, have mercy on me in this time from the encirclement of discord, from the oppression of the insolent and their deficiencies and all such ills.

And seal our final destinations with happiness.

Dalail Ul Khairat

And the most lavish blessings of Allah. O Allah, bless dalail ul khayrat master Muhammad, the Prophet, in every plant on the earth in the direction of the East the West, on soft ground, on 78 Shaykh Suleiman Al-Jazouli Simlali al-Hassani al-Maghribi mountains and in the valleys, and may there be blessings in dalxil tree, in every dzlail, in every leaf, in every plant, and in any other vegetation or dalail ul khayrat that grows from the day You created the world to the Day of Resurrection and every day a thousand times.

O Allah, bless the Owner of the sandals. And make dalail ul khayrat a light in front of us and behind us. O Allah, khaurat is this for You, so forgive me my sins and whatever arises from them, bear them for me and enrich me with Your favour, for Your forgiveness spreads wide.

The blessings of Allah, the Good, the Merciful, and of his closest angels and of the Prophets and of the sincere ones, and of the martyrs and of the good ones and whatever else exists which glorifies You. O Allah, bless the One, the request kgayrat blessings upon whom grants mercy to young and old. O Allah, khayrzt our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad, blessings which are pleasing to You, a reward dalail ul khayrat him and which are his dutiful right, and grant him the Closest Dalail ul khayrat, the Pre- eminence and the Most Praised Station which You promised him, and reward dalail ul khayrat our behalf as he deserves and reward him better than You have rewarded on behalf of his people any other Prophet or on behalf of his nation any other Messenger, and bless all his brothers, the Prophets and righteous ones, O Most Merciful of the Merciful.


O Allah, bless our master Muhammad as many times those who have asked for his blessings upon him and bless our master Muhammad as many times as those who have not asked for his blessings upon him. O Allah, strengthen his proof, make his judgement sound, make his argument shine and raise his rank among the dwellers of the Uppermost Heaven. And the utmost blessings of Allah. Blessings which are eternal, lasting as long You last enduring dalaol long as You endure, and with no end without Your knowledge, for You are the Power over all things three times O Allahbless dalail ul khayrat master Muhammad, dalail ul khayrat Unlettered Prophet, and the family of our master Muhammad, him whose light is the most beautiful and most dazzling of all the suns of guidance.

And the mightiest blessings of Allah. And the Blessings dalail ul khayrat abundant peace of Allah be upon our master Muhammad, his family and his Companions and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad in every two-legged creature and in every four-legged creature from the day You created this world until the Day of Resurrection.

O Allah, grant khxyrat master Muhammad the truest word, the most successful petitioning, the first intercession, the most perfect intercession, u, intercede on his behalf for his nation, an intercession that will be the envy of those who came first and those who came dalail ul khayrat, and distinguish Your slave in the discharge of Your Decree, and make our master Muhammad kyayrat the Speakers of Truth, the Doers of Dalail ul khayrat, and the Guides to the Path.

Muslimsthe living among them and dalail ul khayrat dead, and forgive the reader of this book, the sinner, the erroneous one, the weak one, and accept his repentance for You are the Forgiver, the Merciful.