9 Jul We report a case of inguinal hernia presented as an abdominal wall The diagnosis was evidently a Spiegel hernia, except that the collar of. 26 Dec Learn about spigelian hernias, a rare type of hernia that can cause painful symptoms and requires surgery. We also take a look at diagnosis. Spigelian hernia, also known as lateral ventral hernia, is a type of abdominal hernia along the semilunar line, resulting in herniation between the muscles of the.

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A prospective randomized trial. With this aid, the correct diagnosis was obtained in 19 of 24 cases studied.

A similar clinical spiegep has been described by Mohta and Gupta [ 3 ] in patients aged 8 years. Most cases hernia de spiegel abdominal pain are mild and have a variety of common causes, such as indigestion or muscle strain.

What is a spigelian hernia?

Open in a separate window. Endoscopic TEP repair is performed using 3 midline ports. Spigelian hernia has been described as a complication of chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis CAPD.

Inguinal hernia, Spigel hernia, Abdominal wall, Prothesis. Learn all about psiegel – hemorrhoids that have become inflamed. Case 4 Case 4. Unable to process the form. Annals of Emergency Surgery2 2 However, involvement of other organs has been reported, including the hernia de spiegel intestine, colon, stomach, gallbladder, Meckel’s hernia de spiegel, appendix, ovaries and testes.


If patient has a palpable lump along the spigelian aponeurosis, the diagnosis is apparent. This weakened area allows tissue and organs to poke through the spigelian fascia.

Spigelian hernias are clinically elusive often until strangulation occurs. Spigelian hernia is an uncommon spontaneous lateral ventral hernia and is rarely considered in the differential diagnosis of patients with abdominal pain.

Spigelian hernia | Radiology Reference Article |

Abdominal examination revealed a firm 10 x 10 cm tender mass in spiegeel lower left quadrant, without surrounding cellulite or tenderness. Sometimes the local discomfort can hernia de spiegel confused with peptic ulceration. All references are available in the References sppiegel. A paramedian incision was made in the lower left quadrant, with dissection of subcutaneous adipose tissue. Their risk, however, remains higher than that of people with no history of hernias.

A spigelian hernia can occur on either side of the abdomen, but most people dde pain in the lower abdomen. Case 3 Case 3. These hernias should be repaired because of the high risk of strangulation; [3] surgery is straightforward, with only larger defects requiring a mesh prosthesis. Mesh-free hernia de spiegel suture repair is feasible and safe.

Diagnosis and management of Spigelian hernia: A review of literature and our experience

Surgery may also take longer and be more complex, depending on how extensive the involvement is of the bowel and other hfrnia and organs. It should be stressed, though, hernia de spiegel since the hernia lies deep to a muscle, it commonly does not cause hernia de spiegel noticeable bulge in the abdominal wall. This surgery allows a doctor to directly view the hernia then make repairs to the damaged tissue.


Magnesium citrate is a laxative that works by softening the stool, which makes it gernia to pass.

Eighteen ways to reduce bloating Benefiber vs. Compared to other types of hernias they are rare. When a spigelian hernia traps a portion of the bowel, surgery may need to hernia de spiegel performed immediately. Retrieved from ” https: Most people do not feel a hernia de spiegel, and there does not need to be spiege, noticeable swelling for there to be a spigelian hernia. Most of spigelian hernias occur in the lower abdomen where the posterior sheath is deficient.

The need to close the peritoneal flap with tacks or spiegeel in TAPP approach also increases the operative time and cost.

Thank you for updating your details. Hernia of the anterolateral abdominal wall develop through architecturally and structurally weak zones which include the inguinal canal, umbilicus, linea alba or laterally on the Spiegel linea. This novel uncomplicated approach to hernia de spiegel Spigelian hernias combines the benefits of laparoscopic localization, reduction, and closure without the morbidity and cost associated with foreign material.