Jarnal is a free, open source program designed for keeping a journal, notetaking, sketching, making presentations and an excellent annotating document. 17 Dec Download Jarnal for free. Jarnal is a plattform-indepenent programm written in Java for notetaking, sketching and PDF-/picture-annotating. 19 Feb Jarnal is an open-source cross-platform application similar to Microsoft Journal written in Java. It supports collaborative writing; a feature that.

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Read our privacy policy. Brent Baccala contributed code and suggestions, and Peter J. Template files – mail.

A digital notebook application that gives people one place to gather notes and information. Click here for the final public domain versions current 2. There is also a great variety of customization options when it comes to the canvas, with options to add lines, graphs, flip to landscape, set transparency, adjust size, add a background, as well as rulers for better alignment of items.

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You can share a single The test version is now available. Enlighten us in the comments! Users can use the following tools to assist their free hand note taking:. No accounts or clouds. When the file is saved all the text in the file is saved in a separate document alltext. Jarnal even has a feature that allows users to record pen strokes and turn them into cool animations.


Jarnal Mac OSX version

Jarnal runs both as an application and as jaarnal applet. Download Jarnal Windows Installer. Jarnal also offers document annotation capabilities, collaboration and networking connectivity not available with the MS programs. NimbleNotes is an online note taking and study platform, designed to help students learn more efficiently.

In Jarnal the files are in a standard non-proprietary format, human readable, and usable by other applications. There were certain drawbacks to Windows Journal though, namely, the lack of additional importable files you could only insert picturesand the inability to export to PDF or something other than the. There are many more features presented in demo videos at http: Let me know of an problems.

Edit text documents in a highly-customizable canvas which is also fitted with various drawing tools, and features for network collaboration. For syncing use Dropbox, Github, rsync, To annotate a pdf document: Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life’s work. Here are some pictures of Jarnal in use at a Dutch school And here are some sketches made using Jarnal by someone who is a much better artist than I.

Elephant is a notetaker with a classic interface you already know. All tools can be used in a single type of project, while file support allows you to import and export text and pictures. To start taking notes: Zoho Notebook lets you combine text, images, audio, video, RSS feeds, documents and much more.


Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Jarnal is a powerful tool which supports various different content types. By default, no information identifying the author is stored in the file. Jarnal runs both as an application and as an applet.

Sadly I don’t own a iPhone nor a iPad. Because it does for free everything PDF Annotator does and much more: WinPenPack a complete set of free tools for tablet pc’s – including of course jarnal. WinPenPack a complete set of free tools for tablet pc’s – including of course jarnal. Your email address will not be published. Walter Yuan was always helpful with advice and code when needed.

Download Jarnal

A method of capturing Sony Ebook reader annotations into Jarnal. You should have java installed on your computer.

Can you explain more why students should use this over other free software for taking notes, such as Evernote?