eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in SAP R/3. Each test that was executed on. eCATT is a tool for software test automation developed by SAP. eCATT offers a graphical user interface with ABAP script editor and its own command syntax. I would like to share some of my experiences with eCATT, in which am currently Aided Test Tool (eCATT) which is built is testing tool to test SAP system.

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If you upload it in. Loading test data from a file in ecatt. The screen will now look like the following screen. Finally we need to prepare the test data file and execute the program either in Foreground eap Background mode. By using split screen now you can navigate through various screens you are recorded and replace the fixed values with variables.

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Introduction to SAP eCATT run by SECATT

You can choose your Error behavior. Test data containers and a test script are brought together in test configuration to create an executable test case.


In this blog, we would discuss the basic concepts regarding eCATT and how ecaty develop a test script and test configuration to upload a test data file with a practical example. By using eCATT we can do following operations.

If the testing is successful without any errors log, we can say that the business scenario mapped in SAP is correct. Then a TCD statement will appear in the editor area.

This is done by opening the Dynpro menu and going through each numbered screen to review your input. Select the material views, organizational elements ecaft required and follow the views of the material master. After completing the recording process recording ended dialog will appear.

With this we have finished recording. Then create local variables in eCATT with the same name as the screen field technical name.

eCATT – Wikipedia

In the next screen, and in the editor tab, you can see interface. We must now set the default mode for each time the Test Configuration is executed. The message appears at the bottom of the screen.

ecatg Looping through the records count number of times and reading from the internal table and passing them to the screen field values.

Holds file path of the test data file. System will start Record the function that you are attempting to perform i. Choose ‘ Yes ‘. However, you can use this system to test systems with Release 4.


Please help improve this wcatt by adding citations to reliable sources. This sample code explains how to read, and pass values to the screen.

Working with eCATT (Extended Computer Aided Test Tool)

Permalink Nov 14, Graphic Design by Round the Bend Wizards. You must change it to a value as shown in the next screen. Holds the number of records. It is always preferred to name ecattt custom script name by starting with Z or Y. You will see the following screen: Now you can change the all the variables in same process Click on SAVE icon after completing and save as a local object or place in a development class to transport the eCATT.

Sap ecatt consultant Jobs

Every effort is made to ecattt content integrity. Click the enter System will start Record the function that you are attempting to perform i.

The system data container contains a list of target systems.