Editorial Reviews. Review?This second edition of Supramolecular Chemistry, achieves adifficult task? both capturing the excitement at the cutting-edgeof this. Supramolecular Chemistry 2nd Ed. J. W. Steed and Jerry L. Atwood. Answers to Questions. Chapter 1. Log K = , , Chelate and macrocyclic. 9 Jan Supramolecular Chemistry is an up-to-date, integrated textbook that tells second edition of Steed and Atwood’s Supramolecular Chemistry is.

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Numerous examples and problems are included throughout the book.

Common terms and phrases 1H NMR acceptor affinity alkali metal alkali metal cations amino acid analogue Angew anion anion binding aqueous aromatic binding constant binding sites calixarene carcerand catenane cation cavitand cavity channel chelate Chem chemical chiral xupramolecular clathrate complex components conformation coordination corand covalent crown ethers cryptands cryptophanes cyclic cyclodextrin cyclophane donor atoms electron electrostatic encapsulation enthalpic entropic enzyme Figure formation free energy fullerene groups guest binding guest molecules guest species helical host-guest hydrate hydrogen bonds hcemistry inclusion compounds interactions intercalation J.

The book includes numerous examples and problems and has web pointers where appropriate, and its own website, to include updated information and additional material.

Supramolecular Chemistry, 2nd Edition

A selection of the topics covered is listed below. His research interests revolve around a number of themes in supramolecular chemistry including gas storage and separation and the control of confi ned space.

Assuming little in the way of prior knowledge, the book covers the concepts behind the subject, its breadth, applications and the latest contemporary thinking in the area.


Cation, anion, ion-pair and molecular host-guest chemistry Crystal engineering Topological entanglement Clathrates Self-assembly Molecular devices Dendrimers Supramolecular polymers Microfabrication Nanoparticles Chemical emergence Metal-organic frameworks Gels Ionic liquids Supramolecular catalysis Molecular electronics Polymorphism Gas sorption Anion-pinteractions Nanochemistry Supramolecular Chemistry is a must for both students new to the field and for experienced researchers wanting to explore the origins and wider context of their work.

While fully contemporary with modern research literature the book assume little prior knowledge of supramolecular chemistry. The book has been thoroughly updated for this second edition.

He has chfmistry an enormous rangeof seminal works in supramolecular chemistry including the five-volume series Inclusion Compounds and and thevolume Comprehensive Supramolecular Chemistry He graduated inwinning the Ramsay Medal for his Ph.

It also includes coverage of the more important techniques needed by supramolecular chemists, such as X-ray crystallography, NMR In addition to the strengths of the very popular first edition, this comprehensive new version expands coverage into a broad range of emerging areas.

As well as Supramolecular Chemistry Professor Steedis co-author of the textbook Core Concepts in SupramolecularChemistry and Nanochemistry and more than researchpapers. Supramolecular Chemistry, 2nd Edition. Supramolecular Chemistry Jonathan W.

Covering new topics such as dendrimers, supramolecular polymers, microfabrication, nanoparticles, chemical emergence, metal-organic frameworks, supramoleculad pairs, gels, ionic liquids, supramolecular catalysis, molecular electronics, polymorphism, gas sorption reactions and anion-pi interactions.

Atwood No preview available – Chemistry WorldAugust Supramolecular Chemistry Wiley Online Library: Atwood Limited preview – It also includes coverage of the more important experimental and instrumental techniques needed by supramolecular chemists. Contents Supramolecular Host Design.

Supramolecular Chemistry – Jonathan W. Steed, Jerry L. Atwood – Google Books

A selection of the topics covered is listed below. Atwood Limited preview – SteedJerry L. He has published a large number of reviews, book chaptersand popular articles as well as two major edited works, the Encyclopaedia of Supramolecular Steed and Organic Nanostructures Supramolecular Chemistry is an up-to-date, integrated textbook that tells the newcomer to the field everything they need to know to get suprwmolecular.


Would you like to change to the site? All figures from the book are available from a Wiley supplementary website as Powerpoint slides for instructors Author maintains a website of relevant URLs and additional information www.

Atwood kinetic ligands macrobicyclic chemmistry metal centre metal ions methyl molecular neutral observed organic oxygen atoms podand polar preorganisation protein protons range reaction receptor redox Reproduced with permission result Scheme selectivity self-assembly shown in Fig spramolecular solution solvation solvent spherands stabilisation stable steric substituents supramolecular chemistry synthesis temperature template effect thermodynamic Vogtle Waals X-ray crystal structure zeolites.

Ross Kelly Limited preview – The book has been thoroughly updated for this second edition.

Atwood Snippet view – Supramolecular Chemistry is an up-to-date, integrated textbook that tells the newcomer to the field everything they need to know to get started. He was immediately appointed as cemistry AssistantProfessor at the University of Alabama, where he rose throughAssociate Professor to full Professor in He graduated inwinning the RamsayMedal for his Ph.