The World Of Fatwas. Or The Shariah In Action. Arun Shourie No Comments | Write Review. HarperCollins,Others. ₹ 30 Nov The World of Fatwas By Arun Shourie ASA Publications Pages: Price: Rs Arun Shourie loses no opportunity to criticise Islam, the. Study of Islamic canonical decisions (Fatwas) issued in India during the last hundred years.

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Falling Over Backwards is an essay against reservations and judicial populism.

The World of Fatwas Or The Sharia in Action – Arun Shourie – Google Books

Otherwise can anybody of so called critics here explain why Mecca and Medina no where allows other faiths? That is known as asbab-ul-nuzul the causes of revelations. Apart from the Quran, Hadith and the books on Sharia, he has gone through 38 volumes of fatwas page 5.

Though pegged to personal interactions, has a delightful undercurrent of fatwxs and international politics. Jul 24, The world of fatwas arun shourie Kumar rated it it was amazing. What is even more interesting is Shourie’s assessment that even men of eminence like Abul Kalam Azad and Zakir Husain had to succumb to the narrow, pernicious religious bigotry of the Muslim clergy in India.

They are also a summation of conclusions derived from the previous chapters. That suits his style. Otherwise everything is interpreted as it should be interpreted and interpreted by whole world including saudi arabia and Alazhar.

Looking In From The Out

So the most of the part, the writer could not put himself in place of those who follow Islam and these fatwas. A big thanks to Shourie sir for his work.

Those who disagree find it virtually impossible to There is a silence that is deafening. The world of fatwas arun shourie must read for all You will realize that you did a big mistake.

fatwaw May 29, Imran rated it liked it. Theatre Of The Ancients. The World of Fatwas provides a new prism to non-Muslims for observing Islam, and holds up a mirror to Muslims the world of fatwas arun shourie them to necessary introspection for adjusting to a changing world. Chapter six is entirely devoted to women and the Sharia, and concentrates on proving that the Islamic claim of ensuring justice, equality and dignity to women when compared to other religions of the world, thf not just inaccurate, but false.


Burdened by trivia – Society & The Arts News

Wednesday, August 1, Fatwas and false gods. Chapter 10 is a polemical exercise to show that the inequities and rigidities of the fatwa are fawtas just interpretive aberrations of the Ulema, but that they are based on the teachings of fundamental Islamic scriptures and conventions.

Even though its writing against the current intellectual fashion, some one must do it. Why has he chosen the world of fatwas arun shourie ignore the elements of universal brotherhood and tolerance, scepticism about religious orthodoxy enunciated by the great Sufi teachers of Islam beginning from Jalaluddin Roomi, Nizamuddin Aulia and Sheikh Salim Chishti?

The only possible answer is that while in terms of arjn texts and analysing them the book could be accurate, it does not reflect the objective human predicament in Islamic communities.

A very insightful book.

the world of fatwas arun shourie The introduction of the book claimed that the book covers fatwas issued during years and their impact on Muslim psyche especially Muslims of Indo-Pak. Even if the faithful approach the Ulema for fat-was on which to show their posteriors when performing their ablutions.

Would recommend to people who are open minded and wish to understand Shariat in action i.

sbourie All that succeeds here are appeasers and sycophants. They are not the pillars of “the Shariah in Action”, as the author has subtitled his book. But the writer kept on crying for Muslims not treating Hindus well by bringing acts of rulers and quoting fatwas out of context. No wonder, then, that the majority of The world of fatwas arun shourie today pay little attention to them and even foster open hostility towards them.

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You, Arun Shourie, are a legend, sir.

Shipra Singh rated it really liked it Dec 15, the world of fatwas arun shourie Only muslims who want to hide cruelty of muslim world and kuran want to cry about it. Shreyas rated wworld it was amazing Dec 17, I found that it is partly instructive, partly entertaining but mostly distressing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Leave alone the corrupt, second guessing nature of current democracy.

Book review: Arun Shourie’s ‘The World of Fatwas’

A democratic government is run by public wlrld, not votes. Why is it that Arun Shourie completely omits the impact of the Persian and Indian civilisations on Islam? Honesty is his hallmark. Sajid ali khan rated the world of fatwas arun shourie liked the world of fatwas arun shourie Jan 28, Bhargav Shkurie Buyer 9 Mar, Very bravely he exposes the fatwa factory for what it is in reality, a crooked and diabolical enterprise run by equally diabolical men wor,d never want the community that they rule to become educated and clear thinking as it would spell and end to their rule.

The only part I found interesting and informative was chapter dealing with fatwas on independence movement. True, some of our moulvis have given srun cause to entertain such misgivings; prominent among them is Maulana Ahmed Riza Khan, who was anti-Hindu to the core. If they do, then the Muslim community all over the world must have had a traumatic and unstable existence through-out the 14 centuries since the establishment of Islam by the Holy Prophet. May God guide you to the right path.

His complete works will have 90 volumes. Most Hadiths are unreliable. Return to Book Page. View all 6 comments.