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Gujarati News Papers 1.

As the king was just he arranges the marriage of commander and the very girl. In his kingdom, there lived a rich couple who plans to marry their beautiful and able daughter off to king. In the cikram are later discovered orbs of ruby. Click here to subscribe for ‘Back-in-stock’ notifications.

The stories in these books are written in simple and well-structured language and illustrated with beautiful pictures. Then king reveals himself and nabs him. Impressed by his unique skill she asks him to come to the palace and teach her too. Virvar with his mighty physical strength gains the position of being bodyguard to King Rupsen.

Vikram Vetal (Gujarati) – Set of 5 Books

Vikram replies that the Princess will marry the Brave Man as with him she would always be secure. Krishna Lila Gujarati – S He is hence kicked out of the home. He decides to nab the thief himself by disguising as thief himself. Ask A Question Share Whatsapp.


The first episode shows the story of how Raja Vikramaditya and Betaal meet. This enraged the king and he immediately exiles padmavati who is then happily married to Vajramukti. In the wedding day, the darbaris advises the king to reward the commander after being asked why so, the darbaris put the whole truth to the king.

On bride, a devout worshipper of goddess Durgatries to commit suicide after seeing her husband dead. Then the very night, the king disguised meets the thief same young man and befriends him. But he is not able to get the power. Vajramukti is angered by it but his friend advised a peaceful way of solving the problem.

Vikram Aur Betaal – Wikipedia

Navneet Children Books Betaal asks, who amongst King Rupsen and Virvar is great by doing his duty? This puts a dilemma situation to the commander as his loyalty to king is tested. En route to home, dacoits attack and behead Suryamal and his friend.

As a result, he broke off with the girl and sacrifices her and tells the king that she is ready for marriage with the king. Being king’s bodyguard, Virvar along with his family decide to sacrifice their lives and hence enter the cave.


Vikram Betal – Full Episode in English – Best Stories For Kids – Video Dailymotion

He asks saint to bring in some clothes to take to his home as gifts. Stories For Children Gujar This tensed the whole family.

Wandering, he meets a saint who with his yogic powers can bring forth anything that vikrram wants. Navneet General Books Gujarati Social Drama At the beginning of the frame storyVikramaditya king of Ujjain receives, among other visitors, a mendicant who presents the king a fruit on every visit. One day, both wandered around the forest where the Prince sees a beautiful girl and is smitten by her beauty.

He does so by punishing a businessman who had brought the nautch girls for his luxury.