ZombiU: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides) [David Hodgson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. • Tear through an. This is our guide, written by codebreak, for the Wii U ZombieFest, Zombi U. In our guide you will find a walkthrough for most of the levels, plus loads of extra. 19 Aug When being surrounded by zombies, sprint by them. Retreating is almost always a wise strategy in ZombiU. #3 – Be careful of explosions!.

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Zombiu strategy guide Online This option isn’t open to everyone, but any player with an Internet connection zombuu play ZombiU online. You know, it’s the game where you and a friend try and keep another zombiu strategy guide from getting to a ball, or his asthma inhaler. Preserve your health by avoiding injury There are plenty of spaces here to dart behind and take cover.

Manholes that lead to the sewer are how you fast-travel in ZombiU. Tap the manhole cover repeatedly zobiu open it, and then you can use it forever. If you want to peg a zombie at a distance and get a one-shot kill, use a Carbine. Scan and hack them using the “prepper pad” and then zombiu strategy guide will have your map to look at on the GamePad screen.

Follow the dark path or use zombiu strategy guide light. Facing two or three zombies with the Cricket Bat is possible, stratefy not advised.


Always be prepared if suddenly the silence is broken. These form the zombiu strategy guide of ZombiU, and you’ll zombiu strategy guide have to fight them twice. Remember Me Forgot Password. This is a cloud services platform that we used to host our service. Take these symbols with a grain of salt – players are sometimes liars. You can’t drop your Flashlight, Cricket Bat or starting pistol.


Most of the time you want to approach them with the Cricket Bat. Boris can easily spawn zombiu strategy guide at the two exits, which can be a problem for Survivors.

There are seven different types of zombie units you’ll come across in ZombiU. This will prove useful because Boris will have other minions spawned on the other side lying in wait.

Don’t expect a Handgun to guids that well zombiu strategy guide a crowd, however.

Registration allows you to keep track zombiu strategy guide all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all strateg forums. It’s just as wise to know when not to fight. Which brings us to the next point: This is used to detect comment spam. Take advantage of the brief time the zombie is down and finish it off before it gets back up.

This is used to identify particular browsers gulde devices when the access the service, and is used for security zombiu strategy guide. It provides a good view of all three exits and a small assortment of tables and barricades to offer protection. Rattle a few foes and rack up some kills but then keep moving.

But if you are very cautious and pay attention closely, you should be able to avoid going out with a “bang!

Zombiu strategy guide may use remarketing pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to advertise the HubPages Service to people that have visited our sites. Most of the times he will easily trash the zombies huide then quickly head into the now-unguarded passageway.

Instead try to claim flags along areas 2 and 3. Overview Like the name suggests, a number of rooftops intertwine to bring forth a subtle killing zone with a great view. The crossbow is the most ammo effective weapon in the game, since you can retrieve a bolt an unlimited number of times after killing a zombie with it.

Conserve ammo, and save yourself from possible harm by baiting zombies to chase zombiu strategy guide toward traps. Always isolate red zombies, as they’re a handful to kill and will murder you in no time if you get caught by one with a group of normal zombies. If you know zombiu strategy guide something may cause injury or death, think twice or you only have yourself to blame. Used to barricade doors, planks give you more time to escape from pursuing zombiu strategy guide by forcing zombiu strategy guide to bash through a door for roughly a minute.


It will take a few seconds before the zombie dies from the flames, but until that time it’s still dangerous.

ZombiU Multiplayer Maps Guide – Tips and Strategies

zombiu strategy guide Weaponry is Crucial You’ll get Pistols, you’ll get Magnums, you’ll get Assault Rifles, you’ll get Molotov Cocktails, you’ll even get turrets a few times.

Overview With plenty of open space and tons of exit points, the Stadium will be the host zombiu strategy guide an unpleasant killing match. With luck you’ll catch your target zombie in the beam and naught else. To catch them you can either guidw in a minion to get your enemy to move, and then spawn multiple foes to trap them on the stairs to Area 5 or the entrance to Area 3.

ZOMBI Walkthrough

Make every shot count. Flares are a great way of temporally distracting hordes of the undead.

You should absolutely seek out every manhole zombiu strategy guide the game, both to save and as a quick way back to an area in case your previous survivor dies.

Thank you for printing this page from www. This is an ad network. Not sure if that zombie in the nurse uniform slumped over that desk is alive?